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A Barnett Crossbow is Easy To Use

Barnett Bows is a company that has had the knowledge of creating crossbows for nearly fifty years. On their website, they state that they work hard to create better, faster, and stronger crossbows for each generation of hunters. The people of Barnett Bow promise users that each Barnett crossbow is built for speed and efficiency.

Barnett has created a number of products, including self-cocking crossbows, the first compound crossbow, and fully integrated crank cocking device attachments. Some of their more popular products include the Predator AVI, the Panzer V, and the Phantom JR Crossbow.

The Predator AVI is a powerful compound crossbow with a sixteen-inch power stroke and a 175-pound draw weight. In addition, the Predator AVI can shoot an arrow with speeds of up to 375 feet per second. The Predator is the first of its kind by offering a shoot through foot stirrup.

It is extremely easy to use as well, with a lightweight magnesium riser, pistol type grip, and a machined trigger pull. There is also an adjustable stock and cheek piece. The adjustable piece is designed to provide optimum comfort while hunting. The Predator AVI also incorporates a new AVI system with a high velocity cam and cable system.

The Panzer V is the only recurve crossbow that Barnett offers. Each Panzer V Barnett crossbow is ready to shoot when it comes out of its box. It also comes with attachable features, such as the crank cocking device attachment. Although this device is built in, you have the option of removing it from your Panzer V. In addition, this Panzer V comes with the option of being scope ready.

The Panzer V also has a 12.5-inch power stroke. This is two extra inches from a normal crossbow. It shoots at 245 feet per second, and it has a 150-pound draw weight. It weighs 4.2 pounds with a 4.5-pound trigger pull.

Barnett does more than sell crossbows. They sell slingshots as well, such as the Diablo, Black Widow, or the Strike 9. They also feature a collection of Barnett crossbows designed for children, such as the Phantom JR Crossbow. Do not worry. There is a safety feature on all crossbows. Their Barnett Predator crossbow is the most popular crossbow out of all of their products.  Another popular crossbow is the Barnett quad 400 crossbow.

As far as warranties go, there is a one year limited warranty on all crossbows that were produced after 2006. A limited warranty means Barnett will only take care of manufacturer’s defects in the materials and workmanship. They will not fix problems due to normal wear and tear, dry firing, and misuse.

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