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Targeting High Performance with Bear Bows

The use of bows and arrows goes back thousands of years.  They were used for both hunting and fighting. It is like the blacksmiths anvil, never seems to go away and is still used extensively for sport as well as hunting. The reason for its continued popularity is because of its simplicity and effectiveness.

Archery bows made by Bear are known for its revolutionary design and advanced technology. They are considered to be some of the best bows available on the market today.  The company was founded in the early 1930’s with the simple vision of making the best quality bows. The quality of the design ensures that they will last a long time.

Even now this company is ever expanding its product line and produce some of the best compound bows in the business. They achieve this with the latest innovations and revolutionary techniques. One of the unique features of Bear bows is the attractive design and very good craftsman ship which make them a very attractive to look at. The following are some examples of their finest products.

The Bear archer Attack compound bow is the most powerful of the Bear compound bow line up. This bow has a 60 to 70 pound draw weight and can shoot an arrow to speeds of 340 fps. The weight of the bow is 4.2 pounds and the draw length is 25 to 30 inches. It has Max pre-load limbs with E-cam which give a new level of performance for any of the Bear compound bows.

Close on the heals of the attack bow, is the bear archer assault bow. This Bear bow has a draw weight of 60 to 70 pounds and will shoot an arrow at speeds of 328 fps. The weight is 3.9 pounds and the draw length is 26to 31 inches. One of the specialties of this bow is that it has a whisper quiet delivery of energy. For overall performance, that is speed, efficiency, and light weight technology, this bow is considered the best.

Next on the list of great Bear archery bows is the Strike compound bow. This bow is considered to be just as good as the assault model for overall performance. The Strike model is capable of sending an arrow at 310 fps and has a draw weight of up to 70 pounds. The dual arc string suppressors are optimized to cancel string vibration and reduce the arrow release noise.

The general consensus among serious archers is that, if one is serious about hunting with a bow, then going with a Bear archer product cannot go off the mark. Remember, there are also Bear recurve bows.  If you can find a good Bear recurve bow, then you'll be able to hunt on a new level.

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