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The Revolutionary Science of Bowtech Bows

Bow hunting and archery have been great sports for people to join. Many people enjoy shooting bows and joining contests to test the skills of bow shooters from all around the nation. Hunting has been a growing sport and thousands are joining the ranks of the best bow hunters every year. There are several Bowtech Bows that offer the shooter a perspective in shooting that is not seen very often. A few of their newest products include the Sniper, the Admiral FLX, and the S.W.A.T.

The Sniper is a Bowtech compound bow that comes standard with a three pin sight. This bow has an axel to axel height of thirty four and one eight inches and a draw length of about thirty inches. It is a great bow for long distance shooting because of the sight and the fast speeds that it shoots at. This bow has a speed of about three hundred and ten feet per second. The revolutionary cam system on this bow makes it a formidable opponent in long distance shooting competitions.

The Admiral FLX is another revolutionary bow. With a thirty one and one sixth inch axel to axel length and a thirty inch draw, the Admiral FLX is able to fire arrows at speeds of about three hundred twenty feet per second. This bow features a center pivot motion that allows it to have about half the components of a regular bow. This makes the Admiral a much lighter and much more versatile bow than the competition.

The S.W.A.T. is another bow that has advanced features and uses the newest technology in bow efficiency. It has a thirty four and one thirty second inch axel to axel length and a thirty inch draw. This bow is called the smoothest drawing bow on the line up for this company. A fluid draw system that comes standard with this bow allows arrows to fly off of the string at about three hundred and twenty feet per second.

All of these bows take advantage of the newest technologies and the most efficient parts that are available for bows. They are all Bowtech compound bows and have been rebuilt with performance parts, allowing the bows to have less components and less weight. These bows are at the cutting edge of technology, and new innovations like sights and different draw strings enable them to thwart the competition. These are the bows that are best used for hunting and shooting tournaments worldwide.  There is even a Bowtech crossbow for those looking for Bowtech bows for sale.

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