Diamond Bows

Diamond Bows: Appealing and Functional Archery Equipment

Diamond bows are primarily used for the popular game archery and for some other recreational activities. Over the years, the growing passion for archery has led to the production of innovative bows, arrows and other related equipments. This creative Diamond bow represents the best quality gear usable by all age groups.

Diamond bows by Bowtech is the most well known brand in the global market. These compact bows are designed using advanced technologies and excellent crafted materials. In terms of functionality, these allow perfect shooting precision as compared to other mid-range priced bows.

New Models:

Iceman – This robust and sleek looking bow ensures reliable and perfect shot. It features a riser made of 29 ¾ inch forged aluminum. The bow comes with a shaft string that is fixed in line with the stabilizer bushing that enables to shift out vibration from the hand. In addition, it includes a single rotating mode which aids to make length adjustments within seven inch range.

Black Ice – This bow employs 53 degree optimal limbs and center mass to transfer high amount of stored energy to the arrow. It also includes a Pinnacle4 Cam that allows the whole process to move smoothly and in speed above 300 FPS. Besides, it provides enhanced durability and high accuracy too.

Marquis – This bow includes a straight aligned riser made of a special shelf trough integrated with a thumb groove. The groove underneath the shelf aids to reduce the distance between the hand and arrow. It features a vertical force system and Pinnacle5 Cam that helps to transfer all stored energy to the arrow when released.

Black ICE FLX Guard – This sold under the Diamond archery bows line are regarded very dangerous to use and highly recommended for professionals. The bow includes a FLX-Guard containment system which absorbs most of the force exerted by the cable guard when the bow is drawn. It provides absolute speed in lowest possible hand vibrations and noise.

Rock 2.0 stud Diamond compound bow – This is a new entrant in the Diamond compound bows product range. It features shorter customized draw lengths and user friendly functions. In line, the bow has a rotational module to set customized draw lengths.  The bow can be easily carried from place to place and is very soft to touch. It has a comfortable grip that protects the hands from extreme weather conditions.

It can thus be regarded that Diamond bows hold incredible features making it the finest bows available in the global market. These bows facilitate to make archery a delight and are considered perfect for all environment and occasions.

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