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New Products Introduced by Hoyt Bows

Hoyt Bows recently kicked off its biggest new product line in its 79 year history. One of the new products is the Carbon Matrix Hoyt compound bow. This bow offers incredibly light weight. It absorbs vibration while having the toughness of withstanding Hoyts dry-fire torture tests. These Hoyt compound bows can be placed on an asphalt surface and withstand being run over by a truck.

Hoyt also introduced the Maxxis series. This will be their flagship bow for this year. Although some people predicted it would not be possible to top the AlphaMax the engineers proved them wrong. The Maxxis 31 and 35 are the top hunting compounds for the year. They offer a great advancement in engineering and performance. The models feature the all new XTS-ARC limb technology. It also has an in-line roller cable guard. The models are lightweight. It is predicted that these models will dominate the world of archery.

The new AlphaBurner speed bow is a light and balanced bow offering incredible speed and greatly enhanced shootability. The accuracy and comfort outshine other speed bows in this class. This bow offers blazing speed along with accuracy that is outstanding.

Hoyt also introduced a new bow that is focused on the female. This is called the Vicki Cianciarulo Signature Vicxen compound bow. This bow shows the commitment that Hoyt has to all categories in archery. The 33" powerhouse is optimized with high performance limbs. It offers a Cam and 1-2 Plus technology and a custom grip.

Additionally, Hoyt introduced the new Contender and Contender Elite bows. These bows join the Vantage and world-record setting Vantage Pro in the line. These bows, along with all of the other newly introduced bows, represent the dedication that Hoyt has to construct the best bows in the world. They have once again proved to those people in the sport of using bows that their dedication to perfection is obvious from their new product line. They promise to continue this in the future.

The new bows introduced by Hoyt this year offer some amazing new products. Some of the new products offered include the Hoyt recurve bow.  Among other Hoyt Bows for sale, there is the Carbon Matrix. This amazingly lightweight bow offers incredible accuracy. The new Maxxis series also offer the top hunting compounds for 2010. The AlphaBurner is a new bow offering blazing speed along with tremendous accuracy. The Vicki Cianciarulo Signature Vicxen compound bow has been introduced this year and it is focused at the female users. This is a great Hoyt bow. Joining the Vantage and world-record setting Vantage Pro in the line Hoyt also introduced the Contender and Contender Elite bows.

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