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Jennings Bows: A Leading Name in the World of Archery

Jennings Bows is a respected name in the field of archery. Jennings Archery is a company that has earned a great reputation globally for its superior quality bows that are smartly designed and excellent in terms of functioning. A CK Jennings bow features state of the art Carbon Kinetic technology.

The company has developed a unique Shock Stop system for which it holds a patent as well. This system enables the bow to create a cushion that absorbs the shock resulting from a shot. It scuttles the string’s forward momentum and also gets rid of noise and vibrations. A Jennings compound bow features an innovative Swing-Arm cable guard as well.

Jennings compound bows use cams that are perimeter weighted. These cams are able to accomplish the job much more efficiently as compared to other bows. Some of the popular models from the company include the Jennings Strike, Reliant, T-Master, Carbon Extreme and CK 3.4R. Jennings Carbon Extreme, for instance, is one of the most reliable and powerful bows. This compound bow comes in two different options, namely, Carbon Extreme and XLR.

Jennings Buckmaster bow is also very popular among archers. Most of the models offer adjustable weight and length options. The company has been producing bows for nearly half a century, and it still continues to rule at the very top because it has kept pace with the changing technologies and changing demands of the archers over the decades. New models of Jennings Buckmaster compound bow use the company’s patented CK technology that produces superior performance and high durability. The technology is aimed at generating an increased level of kinetic energy to the bow’s core.

The bows have a design known as carbon fiber limb. It is present in the ellipse of the bow limb. The several layerings of carbon fibers ensure durability and long life of the bow. This revolutionary design was traditionally used only in jet engines and racing cars, but it has now been incorporated in Jennings Bows. In the CK series, the archer may choose between various models such as the 4.0, 3.5, 3.3 and 3.4.

Many of these models have won recognitions and awards over the years. In 2004, model 3.5 from the CK series got voted in the “Best Buy” list of the premier “Inside Archery” magazine. Innovations in design and advancements in technology over the years have resulted in high efficiency and comfort for these bows. Users are able to achieve their best performances with these state of the art models.

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