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Martin Bows for All Types of Archers and Seasons

Martin bows are considered to be some of the fastest and most accurate bows available today. The company was founded by Gail and Eva martin in 1951 in their family garage and continues to make world class archery bows. They make 4 different types of bows, they are the Martin recurve bow, Martin long bow, Martin youth bow, Martin archery bow,  and of course the famous Martin compound bows Along with bows Martin also makes a wide array of accessories for archery for both recreational and hunting purposes.

A unique feature about Martin archery is that they will offer customized solutions for ones archery needs. This is accomplished by highly skilled craftsmanship and technical expertise that go into their products. They always make use of the latest technology to accomplish that. If you are looking for archery equipment that will most likely exceed your expectations, then you will not have to look any further than Martins archery products.

Out of all of the different types of bows that martin makes they are perhaps best known for their compound bows. A compound bow is a modern invention, where cables and pulleys are used to draw the string. The Martin bow itself is made from much stiffer material than ordinary bows and long bows. The pulleys work similar to the gear principle of certain types of cranes. This ultimately allows much greater draw strength with little draw effort which translates to much faster arrow speeds. Martin archery has been working on such technology for nearly five decades now.

Martins archery bows are full of patented technology such as vibration escape modules, Double-Helix bowstrings, Teflon plated cable guards, Core flex limbs and so on. All these features mean that every time one goes hunting or for target practice, one will not be disappointed with its performance. Martin compound bows are put in two different categories, the Pro series and the Gold series. The Pro series is made from cutting edge technology and innovative designs with the help of top notch engineers. The gold series is usually more versatile as it is intended for every type of archer and for all seasons. With the gold series there are a lot of options and models available.

No matter which type of bow one chooses, it is important to take good care of it. The bow should be stored in a cool dry place and should be polished after heavy use.

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