Mathews Bows

A Brief Look at Popular Mathews Bows

The professional or amateur hunter or practice archer has a wide variety of choices in the modern day that his or her ancestors did not have. Bow crafting companies create some of the most high-tech devices in the history of the world. The mechanical advantage provided to a hunter in the modern world is staggering compared to what was required in days of old. The Mathews compound bow is one of the most popular types for sale currently. As soon as the words compound bow escape the lips of one person and enters the ears of another archer or hunter the company Mathews will entire the mind.

Mathews bows are one of the main providers of quality high-powered bows in the world. Mathews is known for many types of compound bow. Some of the most famous of their models are the Outback, the Monster, and the Ovation. These bows are popular and very easy to use for professional and neophyte alike.

The Outback is a great bow in regards to the recoil, hand-shock, and noise factor. It is a silent and deadly bow perfect for stalking prey or shooting at stationary targets. Typical features of the Outback series will include inline grip, ball bearings in the cam and idler, and a roller guard. This bow utilizes many of the best features of a short-to-median length bow. It's overall length is 31 1/2 inches.

The Monster is known for its often revolutionary nature in regards to archer technology. This bow has been engineered to be a superior bow. The current iteration utilizes the acclaimed AVS technology to assure perfect cam timing along with the seven inch brace height. This allows for explosive speed and dead eye accuracy.

The Ovation is a Mathews compound bow that is just as popular with the ladies as it is with the gentlemen. This bow is sleek and has a length of forty inches. This makes it the second largest of the bows that the Mathews Bow company makes. It is set to become the companies most prolifically sold 'hair-splitter' in regards to accuracy and level nock travel. This is due primarily to the cam shaft it is using. The Ovation utilizes the Straightline HP Cam, which makes its brace length is a full inch longer than the largest bow the company makes, the Conquest 3.

The Mathews Bow company is known for its bow craftsmanship. They are one of the primary archery companies in the world for many reasons. They continually craft outstanding and unique archery systems that are solid, reliable, and easy on the hands.  If you're looking for Mathews Bows for sale, then you might want to consider looking for used Mathews Bows, because they can tend to be a bit expensive, yet have superior quality.

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