Mathews Compound Bows

Types of Mathews Compound Bows 

When Matt McPhearson started Matthews, he knew that people had to come before the product for his company to be successful. Matthew knew that when employees were cared for, they could be very innovative. Matthew was so successful in hiring the right people that when the company moved to Spartan, Wisconsin, all but nine employees moved with the company. Today, the company has grown to 400 employees but the commitment has not changed. This innovative company still relies on great employees to create quality compound bows that others only hope to imitate.

Solocam compound bows feature an elliptical shaped power cam at the bottom of the bow and a rounder idler wheel on top of the bow. Since the bow only has one cam, it is quieter to shoot than compound bows with two cams. New in 2016 is the Z3 based on other Mathews compound bows like the Z7. This entry-level bow is smaller than previous models measuring just 30 inches from axle to axle. Hunters adore this bow because the roller assist guard makes it easier to draw back smoothly. New compound bow hunters love this bow because its 7 inch brace height makes it more forgiving than previous models. This lightweight compound bow is a great choice for stand hunters or those who want to cover a lot of ground during the day.

Competitive shooters who are looking for straight nook travel will want to consider a twin cam bow. The new Halon X by Matthews is a great compact bow. It measures 35 inches from axle to axle. This bow weighs in at just a tad under five pounds. This bow features Mathews innovative mini-crosscentric cam system that uses shims, instead of yokes, to allow uses to fine tune the bow. This allows archers to change strings and cables quickly and easily without going through the cumbersome turning process. The Halon X offers adjustable draw lengths ranging from 26.5 to 30 inches.

Buyers may also want to consider one of Matthews compound bows that are Nocam. This innovative system that Matthews develops relies on two advanced system wheels that sit in a non-concentric manner alongside the large wheels that are slaved to the let-off module resulting in a powerful compound bow. One Nocam bow is the HTX that features let-offs ranging from 65 to 85 percent. This newly designed bow also offers Matthews new grip ensuring the bow does not slip in the archer's hand. This bow also features a new bridge riser design that makes the bow feel more lively n the archer's hand.

Regardless of the bow that you choose, you can be assured that Mathews compound bows offer superior speed and accuracy ensuring that using your bow is more fun than ever before.

These bows offer quiet performance with amazing accuracy that allows hunters to down white tail deer and other animals. Meanwhile, competitive shooters enjoy these bows great accuracy that allows them to stand on the winner's podium more often. Chose the bow that fits your needs the best but make sure it is from Mathews.

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