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PSE Bows are Easier to Hold and Simpler to Use

After forty years of business Precision Shooting Equipment of Mahomet, Indiana, introduced one of the best products among all compound bows to the hunting bow market, the PSE brand. Archers soon recognized that the pse bows were simpler to use and easier to hold and orders began coming into the company.

It all began as a result of Pete Shepley’s love of archery and bow hunting. He stated: "Research and development are the most expensive stages in manufacturing, but we're committed to it and to making the whole industry grow, not just our slice of the pie." PSE then became one of the first companies to construct aluminum bows making them among the lightest in the business. The improvements began with a series of archery improvement sketches Pete Shepley made during lunchtime and in a span of less than forty years PSE led the world of archery with innovative technologies which brought them to the forefront of the hunting bow industry. Among the PSE series are the Mainline, Ready to Shoot, Value Series, Pro Series, Heritage, Field Ready, Carbon Force, and each series is manufactured to help make every hunting outing a successful trip. Special features on the PSE bow include outstanding hand grips that make the bows comfortable and vibration systems which lessen the vibrations each time a bow is used.

PSE and other bow manufacturer were given licenses under the Allen Patent to produce quality bows and they are the only original company remaining because of what their innovations have added to the bow from its beginning stages. PSE is also a very unusual company in that information about their innovations and the variety of their bows is freely shared with other manufacturers to help them enhance the quality of the sport. The company does this simply because of their love for bow hunting and archery, and they believe that research and development are vital stages of the manufacturing process and to which they are totally committed.

In the market for PSE compound bows, there are a wide range of bow products none of which would have been possible without the great dedication and liberality of the PSE brand, and regardless of the experience of the bow hunter these bows are the bows of choice be it a PSE compound bow, a PSE recurve bow or even a PSE crossbow. PSE produces bows of the highest quality and proudly stands behind their products.  Join the PSE bow madness!

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