Reflex Bows

Reflex Bows: What You Need To Know About Reflex Bows

A reflex bow is a bow that curves away from the archer and has curled tips.  When the bow is unstrung, it curves away from its original position at the handle to form a semi circle shape.  The way the boy is engineered creates an enormous amount of stress giving the bow and heavy draw weight and long draw length.   Even small bows can be very powerful.  Reflex bows are not traditionally hunting bows, neither were they traditionally used for war in the west at all.  The bows originated in the East.  It is said that the Indian and some Korean archeries used them in their battle formations.   They were also used in the Turkish and Mogul armies.

Improvements in the design and make of the reflex bow have increased their popularity with modern hunters.  Modern reflex hunting bows come in varying lengths and weights, with features that allow hunters to choose which settings are perfect for their game and hunting range.  Reflex bows are generally more difficult to master.  The challenge, however, is part of the fun for many a hunter.  The hours and hours of practice to shoot straight with a reflex compound bow, makes it a skill that mature hunters respect.   The technology and various applications that can be used with reflex compound bows are many.  Devices that help you aim, steady your arm, and set the arrow make hunting with the weapons easier.

For hunting, you should buy thin diameter arrows for long distance ranges.  Other supplements are necessary for a successful hunting adventure.  If you are using a reflex excursion bow you could complement the bow with an arrow rest to keep the arrow stead while you take aim.  An aimer for taking accurate aim is also useful.  Things like an arrow quiver that does not rattle and scare away your prey, broad arrow tips for killing large prey, and fiber optic sites will greatly help you in the hunt.  Reflex bows are not easy to aim.

It requires practice to hunt successfully with these special bows.  Once you have practiced and are confident you may feel ready to hunt anything, but going out in the woods and hunting real game is not the same as target practice.   It will take an incredible amount of patience to hunt with a bow and arrow.  Hunting without the proper equipment is like going on a hike with no shoes.  You need to be able to be completely still and wait sometimes for hours before the game takes your bait.

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