Archery Hunting Bows

Archery hunting bows have been used to kill animals for literally thousands of years and though it is no longer a necessity for people in the western world to hunt and kill their food, this ancient skill is still very much alive today.

Archery bows used to hunt are also known as compound bows and they have a pulley system that helps a person draw the string back further and tighter than it would be possible to do by hand. This process then gives the arrow more energy and speed when it is released than is likely with a normal bow. Bows are not all the same size so it is important that a person consult with an expert to help him or her judge the correct draw weight and bow length.

It takes a lot of practice to learn how to hunt with a compound bow and also a lot of patience to succeed, however this skill can be learned from another experienced individual. The basic principle of the hunting bow is the transfer of energy resulting from the release of the string which, after being pulled back, springs back to its natural position transferring the energy into the arrow. For this process to work smoothly it is necessary that the archery bow be keep in the best condition possible.

Professionals will often choose their bow based on the speed at which the arrows are propelled and this is measured in feet per second. The ordinary speed that most hunters prefer is a velocity of about 300 feet per second which is generally more than adequate for the majority of hunters. There are, however hunters who have their bows made to increase the speed of the arrows.

Another consideration is the noise produced by the bow because there is the possibility that if there is any noise made when the string is pulled back or the arrow released the animal will hear it. Therefore it is important for the hunter to get as close as possible to the animal to lessen the possibility of the noise disturbing the animal. This can be avoided by an experienced hunter with a good bow.

Bow hunters have gone into some of the deepest brush and roughest terrain in search of their game and they have the distinct advantage of knowing that their bows are their most reliable weapons and they are masters at wielding them.